Seafood, for many, is one of their favourite types of food. Those who are experienced with consuming this type of food know how to choose good seafood. Those who are new to it might be a little overwhelmed with the many available different types.

Choosing Seafood to Cook

Those who are used to cooking fish know what to look for when they are choosing it. Those who aren’t may want to keep a few things in mind.

The Smell

Fresh fish has a distinct odour to it, but it should be a wholesome, clean smell, not a strong fishy odour. A strong fishy odour that comes across as unpleasant means there is a risk that the fish is not fresh, or has not been stored properly.

The Looks

The skin and scales should look bright and shiny. If it is dull-looking or has uneven patches on it, then the fish is not fresh. The gills of the fish should be clean and bright red. Aged fish will have brownish looking gills.

The Touch

Don’t be afraid to touch the fish as this is going to tell you a lot. When you press on it lightly, it should bounce back from the touch. It if appears watery or squishy, then do not purchase it.

Do not buy fish that is damaged or seems to be flakey.

Choosing Seafood in a Restaurant

Be sure to choose a restaurant that is clean and has a good reputation. It is a good idea to check out the reviews of the restaurant first. If you are not sure what the dishes are on the menu, ask your server to explain them to you. If you are new to seafood, then stick with a dish that contains fish that you are familiar with. For example, you may want to start with an everyday dish that is comprised of salmon.