Seafood is a great dish and a favourite amongst many Canadians. Fortunately, we can have the benefit of enjoying it across all of Canada. There is tuna that comes from the Pacific, fish from many of the freshwater lakes, salmon from the west coast and east, and crab and lobster straight from the Maritimes. It is definitely not a shock that seafood is a highly liked and enjoyed dish by Canadians. Below are some of Canada’s favourite seafood dishes that Canadians are obsessed with.

Fish and Chips

If you are Canadian, it is not a surprise to see fish and chips on your plate, as it is by far the most eaten seafood dish in Canada. It is on almost every food menu when you go out to eat, depending on the style of that restaurant. This dish contains your choice of freshwater fish with a side of chips (fries); you can also choose to get your fish battered or just grilled as well, giving you plenty of options when choosing to eat this dish.


Salmon is another popular dish amongst Canadians, again almost found in every restaurant. Still, with salmon, there’s a bit more class to the meal, as there are more ways to present salmon than just your ordinary fish and chips dish. Salmon can be either grilled, poached, baked, fried, smoked or even eaten raw (sushi). Salmon is definitely up in the topmost sought after seafood in Canada, along with fish and chips.

Crab Cakes

Known for being a very delicious appetizer or as a side of a seafood dish, crab cakes are a very well known delight in Canada and a favourite amongst many. Crab cakes are at their best when the crab meat is fresh, giving it an amazing taste. They are a top contender amongst other seafood dishes, as many Canadians enjoy delicious fresh crab cakes.