When it comes to seafood, most of us stay in our comfort zone and only eat the things we are used to or are comfortable with. Some of us though, are a bit more daring. That said, here is a shortlist of some of the many unusual or bold seafood dishes you could try.

Fugu or Japanese Pufferfish

The pufferfish body delivers the toxic substance tetrodotoxin, which creates suffocation and a feeling of being conscious in a wholly paralyzed, lifeless body. The Japanese have been eating fugu for more than 2,300 years, and only state-authorized culinary specialists are permitted to prepare the dish. Fugu must be butchered cautiously to remove the toxic parts of the fish.

Live Octopus or Sannakji

Sannakji is a Korean octopus dish generally well known for being served raw and still moving. It’s prepared by slicing up the octopus and then drizzling with sesame and topping with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Served with dipping sauce. The dish can be dangerous to eat due to the choking hazard.

Sea Urchin

While it might appear to be odd to eat the seemingly dangerous and very spiny sea urchin, it’s really viewed as a delicacy in numerous regions of the world such as Japan, the Mediterranean and Chile, where it’s very much enjoyed for its unique and savoury flavour. Served raw, there are 18 consumable varieties, and their meat varies in taste, texture, and colour.


Conch is an edible giant snail and a seasonal delicacy that’s popular throughout the Caribbean. It can be consumed raw or cooked. Popular dishes include conch fritters and conch salad. While strange to see in the shell, the meat has a delicate mild flavour. To be really daring, try the worm or “pistol.” Consumed raw and commonly thought to be the male genitalia, it’s odourless, colourless and slimy.