Seafood is an excellent meal for people who are big lovers of it. Many different seafood dishes can be enjoyed.

Raw Chilled Seafood Dishes

  • Arctic Char Aguachile: A great chilled and raw seafood dish that gives you a break from the excitement of the games you may be playing at a casino such as All Casino Canada where there is plenty of action.
  • Tuna Poke: A raw Hawaiian style tuna salad that consists of fresh yellowfin tuna dressed with a light splash of soy sauce, sesame seeds, honey and sesame oil. Some easy things to mix in with it as well are scallions, chopped sweet onions, wakame seaweeds and hijiki. Usually served on top of some steamed rice.
  • Hamachi Poke with Avocado and Cucumber: Consists of yellowtail fish (hamachi), hot Thai bird chillies, lemon zest, crunchy cucumber, lemon juice and avocado to top off the dish. The lemon juice gives it a flavour, which makes it seem like it’s on its way to being cooked, and the zest helps to maintain the hamachi’s raw texture.

Cooked Chilled Seafood Dishes

While some people are not a fan of eating just raw seafood, here are some alternatives that still give you a chilled meal but cooked.

  • Tender and Plump Shrimp Cocktail: For this dish, you actually boil the shrimps at 170 degrees Fahrenheit in court bouillon and flavour them with aromatics, herbs and white wine, as well as adding the shells in the water to make sure you are getting the full shrimp flavour. After, you should chill them thoroughly and enjoy.
  • Wicked Lobster Rolls: The best kind of lobster can actually be very simple. An open roll filled with diced celery, steamed and sweetened lobster meat coated in a very light dressing of mayo. Served in a toasted bun with butter.